Finding an optimal place for bird’s nest farming or exportation?


Our double storey shop lot location will the place for you to expand/start swiftlet bird nest farming.


Lets define why, one of the main source for surviving living routine is water, and there’s a medium size river located beside our shop lots while remain at an unpolluted nature condition. Next requirement would be food, although our shops are built, you can be less concerned and no worry on their food source due to mangrove swamp not far behind our shop lot that are rich sourced of swiftlets favorite insects. With nature sources, your swiflets and their nest quality is much less to be worry about. In addition, human made swiflet food which attract and store insects are recommended.


Furthermore, we insist and persist to use dull timber which is odorless to build all of our building, not to be afraid that no swiflets will fly in. Lastly humidity, our shop storey location built are always partial covered with mist at dawn due to river and forest nearby and this is the main factor that the shop lots are humidified with fresh and clean air. This atmosphere will definitely be the place for Swiflets farming houses.


In conclusion, although minimal renovation would be required to fulfill the Swiflet nest farming houses, but our shop location is quite recommended and suitable for Bird’s Nest productions. Likewise, discussed above, our double storey shop lot proved to had the requirement to produce a quality Bird’s Nest.


Doesn’t this even sound great? Our shop lots only cost from RM 550, 000.00.


Contact our sales department for more information.